Congrats to Our May 2019 Instructor of The Month – Denay Knope


We’re happy to announce the winner of May 2019’s Instructor of the month – Denay Knope! She first learned about Hondros when she became a real estate student,

“It was the best school. My peers told me if I was getting licensed to go to Hondros. No question. I never even entertained another school. I loved the classes and instructors and learned SO much! I was in my 10-hour post licensing class (before it was 20 hours) with a fabulous instructor and had a thought – I should be teaching this stuff! So, I stood up, in the middle of class, and walked out to the front desk and asked if Hondros needed instructors.”

She continues to describe Hondros as being dedicated, practical, and supportive – especially when it comes to their faculty and students.

Denay Knope Edited“I love the amazing staff who coordinate all the things and provide a cozy place to teach new students.”

In fact, Denay says working at Hondros has helped her become a better agent!

“I’m always bumping into new obstacles or situations and I think about how I can translate that into a teachable moment for the students. It turns, what could be an icky situation, into a forum for learning! Alternatively, the material I teach in class keeps me sharp – and better able to solve problems I encounter in the field – and I love that feeling!”

Her three career lessons are

  1. Be BRAVE enough to make mistakes.
  2. Go the extra mile, it’s never crowded.
  3. There is freedom in the willingness to freely admit when I’m wrong.

Her favorite part about working at Hondros is “walking around a class first thing in the morning when everyone is ready and eager to learn and hearing about students’ dreams and aspirations for the future.”

Here’s Denay’s advice for new instructors:

“Teaching, like real estate, is an art, not a science. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or advice. And practice is the only thing that makes you better. I have absolutely found that starting the day off telling the students how excited I am to be there with them, changes the tone of the class and helps us all have a better day!”

She defines success as “Happiness.” And continues to say, “Success is feeling joy and happiness in whatever I’m doing.” Denay greatly values positively affecting the people around her, as she recalls her favorite quote:

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

Denay goes on to reflect, “I think of it every time I’m in the classroom. 100 times a day we have an opportunity to make people feel good – even out in the world – hold the door for someone, say ‘hi’, assume the best – all the things.”

Thank you, Denay, for being an energetic source of positivity to your students and fellow instructors. Bringing your work experiences into the classroom and using the classroom material to enhance your career makes you a model teacher at Hondros.