8 Steps to your new Insurance career in Ohio

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  1. Complete your licensing education

    Once you complete either a 40 hr. classroom option or a self-study proctored exam with a 70% or higher, you will receive course completion certificate(s). *Certificate(s) are valid for 180 days after pre-licensing completion.

  2. Complete the required criminal history background check

    This must be submitted to the Ohio Department of Insurance from BCI (Bureau of Criminal Investigations). You can complete this at one of our six (6) Hondros College locations or after the exam at Prometric.

  3. License information

    Please download the license information bulletin here and the read the exam content outlines. You will also find more information regarding fees, scheduling policies, scoring information, and FAQ’s.

    • Create or log into an existing account
    • To create an account you must select your state, select “insurance” as the business type, and enter your eligibility (SSN).
    • Once you are set up and logged into your account, you are able to schedule your exam. To do so, enter your eligibility (SSN), the first four letters of your last name and the provider ID, which is on your Course Completion Certificate in the top right hand corner.
  4. Schedule your exam- The sooner you test = The sooner you pass

    Your chances of passing the exam on your first attempt are highest if you take the exam within the first two weeks after you have completed the class. Statistics prove that chances to pass decrease by approximately 10% with every additional 2 weeks that you wait to take the exam. You Do Not need to have completed your class to schedule your exam. You can schedule at any time. Some test centers are busier than others, so we recommend you pick your exam date and call at least 2 weeks ahead to secure your appointment. Note: You must have your course completion certificate when you go to test (see #6).

    Schedule your exam at www. prometric.com/ohio or call 1.877.346.4014

  5. Study! Study!

    Your CompuCram program is the best exam prep tool available! You cannot spend to much time studying with CompuCram. The CompuCram Readiness Indicator™ will guide you, indicating where you need to continue studying. Practice important vocabulary terms with Flash Cards, Fill-In-The-Blank and Matching.

    Review your class notes, your textbook, especially facts and glossary of terms. Review the Ohio specific Laws and Regulations section multiple times. Take all practice exams in the textbook. Review any missed questions. eview the Supplemental Study Guide in the textbook.

    Study for periods of 45 to 60 minutes and then take a break.

  6. What to take with you to the exam

    On the day of the exam please arrive 30 minutes before your appointment. If you miss your appointment or arrive late, you will not be allowed to test and you will forfeit your exam fees.

    Bring original and valid pre-licensing certificate(s). You will need two (2) forms of signature identification, one of which must be government-issued and photo-bearing. Lastly you will need your confirmation number that was provided when the reservation was made.

  7. Apply for Licensure

    Submit application to, Ohio Department of Insurance, 50 W. Town Street, 3rd Floor-Suite 300, Columbus, Ohio 43215. Visit www.insurance.ohio.gov or call 1-614-644-2658. Refer to the Ohio Department of Insurance Licensing Information Bulletin for additional licensing details and fees.

  8. Continuing Education

    Once licensed you will need to complete 24 hrs. with a 3 hr. Ethics class every 2 years by the end of your birth month. Please visit our continuing education section here for pricing and schedules.

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