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Steps to Licensure

Step 1 - Register with NMLS

In order to begin your mortgage career, you must register with the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System Registry (NMLS). You’ll also be given a unique NMLS identification number, which is necessary for all pre-licensing activity.

Step 2 - Complete Required Education

Complete the 24 hours of pre-licensing education requirements either in the classroom or online.  This includes the National SAFE Comprehensive MLO course and the Ohio SAFE OMBA course.

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Step 3 - Review

Prepare and study with our Mortgage Loan Originators Review Crammer course and CompuCram Exam Prep Software.

Step 4 - Apply

Apply for your license by submitting the required documentation to the NMLS.

Step 5 - Exam Scheduling

To schedule your exam, visit the NMLS Testing Resource Center.  The exam fee is $110, and you’ll need your unique NMLS identification number for scheduling.

Step 6 - Pass the Exam

In case you don’t pass the first time, you can retake the exam after 30 days, paying the #110 exam fee again as well.  However, after 3 failed attempts, you must wait 6 months before taking the exam again.

Step 7 - Background Check

Finally, you must authorize both an FBI criminal history background check and a credit report, both to be executed via the NMLS.

Please note that for any additional questions regarding state specific licensing and testing contact the state regulatory agency or NMLS at 1-240-386-4444. For questions specific to Ohio licensing contact the Ohio Division Of Financial Institutions at 614-728-8400.

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