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Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the Testing Locations?

View the website https://candidate.psiexams.com/ for updated locations.

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What items are students required to bring to the testing center?

  • Two (2) forms of signature identification, one of which must be a government issued photo-bearing (preferably a driver’s license).
  • Bring ORIGINAL pre-licensing education certificate(s).
  • PSI recommends these additional items:
  • The confirmation number provided when the reservation was made.
  • Failing score report (if the candidate is retaking an examination).
  • Information necessary to complete the license application online after passing the exam.
  • Credit / Debit card to have fingerprint taken at test center after passing the exam.
  • The OH Department of Insurance. recommends a pre-filled out NAIC Producer application and any supporting materials.

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How much does the exam cost?

The cost is $53. Students will also pay $10 licensure fee per line of authority. Ex: Life Only Exam: $63 / Life & Health Exam: $73.

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There is a general and a state portion of the examination does a candidate need to attain a 70% on each of these sections of the examination to obtain a passing score?

Yes, if a candidate attains less than a 70% on either the general or state portion of the examination, their overall result will be a Fail and they must retake the entire examination again.

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Are applicant's licensed insurance agents once they have passed their licensing exams?

Does an insurance pre-licensing student need a background check?

Yes. As of 2011, the Department of Insurance (DOI) requires both a federal and state background check for new licensees.  However, all Hondros College locations have FastFingerprints stations at the school that can process both required background checks – federal and state.

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How long will it take the state to process an agent's application, background check and passed exam?

7 – 10 Business Days.

Students are not agents until they have received their license from the state.

Students can verify that they are agents prior to receiving their mailed license by checking the OH Insurance Department’s Agent Locator website.

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How does a student obtain and submit a background check?

PSI has contracted with NBCI, Inc (www.fastfingerprints.com) to provide their fingerprinting service. Schedule your appointment now.

Each Hondros location will have a manned fingerprinting station during its hours of operation and students will be able to complete their background checks before class time or the proctored exam.

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How much does the background check cost?

Visit www.fastfingerprints.com for the most current pricing.

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How does a student pay for their fingerprinting?

Visit www.fastfingerprints.com to schedule and pay for finger prints.

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Is the applicant required to submit application immediately after passing the exam? Or can they take the score report, return home and complete on on-line application/have a company submit an application for them?

The opportunity for the applicant to immediately complete the application is provided.  The applicant has up to 180 days to submit a completed application after the exam is passed.  The Department prefers that the applicant be the one completing the application.  Many applicants are denied licensure because the person submitting the application incorrectly answers questions.  Failure to disclose is not avoided or overlooked just because someone else submitted the application on behalf of the applicant.

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If application is required immediately after passing the exam, what information will be required of the student? Alternately, what additional information is the student expected to arrive with at the testing center in order to complete their application, and background check?

If the student wants to complete the application at the test site immediately after passing they will need to bring whatever information is asked on the application (i.e. biographical information for home, mailing and business addresses, agency affiliations, employment history, etc.). The Department is going to use the NAIC Uniform application in both manual and electronic forms.

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What does "verifiable" mean?

In order to ensure a minimum level of knowledge for all OH Insurance Agents the OH Department of Insurance is continuing to make pre-license education mandatory.  They are, however, allowing interested applicants to self-study for the exam for the first time.  In order to verify that those individuals who choose the self-study option actually review the materials Hondros College, and other pre-license education providers, are being asked to develop an exam to coordinate with their materials.

Students must pass their education providers Proctored Exam with a score of 70% or better.

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How many exams does a self-study student actually take?

A Self-Study student will take two (2) exams.  They’ll take a provider-created and graded exam to prove that they have completed their course of study.  Passing the provider-created exam will generate the required certificates of completion.    Students need a score of 70% or better — the same as the state licensing exam.

The second exam for the self-study student will be the state licensing exam.  Only after they take the state exam, submit their application and background check will they be processed to receive their Insurance License.

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When should self-study students take their proctored exam, and when are they available?

Self-study students should take the required, provider-created proctored exam when they have completed their self-study materials and feel they comprehend the concepts.

Students are able to proctor online with a disinterested 3rd party.  Students must pass their proctored exam in order to receive course certificates.

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What are the exams, and who proctors each exam?

Exams are for individual Line of Authority and Combined.  The self-study provider develops proctors and scores the exam.

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Do the Self-Study students receive certificates?

Absolutely.  They will not be allowed to sit for the exam without them.  We will provide them with course completion certificates once they provide us with an exam scoring 70% or better.

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Which is better the Classroom or the Online program?

Both are designed to get students through their exams.  As to which form of education is best will depend upon the individual taking the licensing exam and their motivation.

Everyone can benefit from the classroom experience.  Live interaction with the Hondros College instructors and other students can show the passion and life in an insurance career.  Based on research from other states the pass rates for self-study students is lower than classroom pass rates.

Online classes will be best for those individuals already grounded in the worlds of insurance and financial services.  It is also an excellent option for a time-pressed individual.  Dedicated students will be able to set their own study pace and review sessions without being locked into a classroom’s in and out schedule.

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