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Kristin Rosan Blog

Kristin Rosan is a partner in the law firm of Madison & Rosan, located in the German Village community of Columbus, Ohio.  Ms. Rosan’s practice concentrates in all aspects of administrative law, general real estate law and business litigation.  She represents real estate brokerages, agents, auctioneers and appraisers in matters relating to professional standards, contract disputes and litigation. She serves as an administrative hearing officer for several state agencies and handles appellate review of administrative decisions.  Her practice includes services as a real estate license law expert witness and representation in general business litigation, including breach of contract, employment and civil rights matters.

Ms. Rosan formerly served as the Chief Legal Counsel with the Ohio Division of Real Estate and is an approved real estate continuing education instructor.  In 2012, she was honored as the Columbus Board of Realtors Instructor of the Year.  Ms. Rosan frequently lectures on behalf of the Ohio State and Columbus Bar Associations on regulatory initiatives that impact the real estate, appraisal and auctioneer professions.

Ms. Rosan is currently serving her fourth term on the City of Gahanna Planning Commission and coached debate for the Gahanna Lincoln High School Debate team for more than ten years.  Ms. Rosan is a member of the Ohio State and Columbus Bar Associations, Real Property Committee of the Columbus Bar Association, the Real Property Leadership Institute Planning Committee of the Columbus Bar Association and an affiliate member of the Columbus Realtors, Ohio Association of Realtors, and the Ohio Auctioneer Association.  Ms. Rosan is a graduate of Ohio University in Athens, Ohio and Capital University Law School in Columbus, Ohio.

Now that you’ve had a chance to see all of my official credentials in my formal bio, I thought I’d answer a few questions to help you get to know me as person.

What do I do in my free time?  I enjoy gardening during Ohio’s short growing season.  My favorites include herbs, strawberries (I’ve got the biggest patch you ever saw), green beans, tomatoes and cucumbers.  From spring to fall it is so rewarding to tend to the plants and harvest their bounty.

What do I do during Ohio’s winters? In the winter months on Sunday afternoons I cook something I’ve never cooked before. I started noticing my kids, who soon will be 7 and 9 soon, have developed very finite tastes.  In an effort to expand their palate and my waste-line, several months ago I started making a Sunday dinner from scratch.  Now I know “from scratch” means different things to different people.  I don’t rely on anything pre-made, which makes it that much more rewarding when done.  One afternoon when I was telling my son that the squash soup for dinner was “home-made,” he pointed out that I’d bought the squash from the grocery store.  Ok, not home grown and homemade, but close.

What is one of my habits?  Last year our family lost both of our golden retrievers to cancer, only 5 months apart.  After each one passed, friends and family sent fresh flowers that brightened up our home.  I thought at the time, why does there have to be an occasion (sad or happy) to bring flowers home.  After our second girl passed, I started buying a bouquet of fresh flowers for my kitchen table.  There is something about the color and smell of something as simple as fresh flowers that brings me joy.

What are my favorite TV shows? Not surprisingly I love to watch The Good Wife and Scandal.  In fact, I just finished a marathon of The Good Wife starting back at season one all the way through the current season seven.  I also enjoy zoning out to the home improvement shows on HGTV.  This is the time of programming you don’t need to sit down and watch but can enjoy coming in and out of the room, with laundry or whatever, on a weekend afternoon.

Do I like being a lawyer?  Short answer, most of the time.  The things I don’t like are typical of most any profession, people being adversarial when there isn’t a need, gamesmanship, greed and a lack of common sense.  Sounds corny but I tolerate it for the cases and people that are truly good.  Several years ago I helped a client that couldn’t pay me to help him save his home.  He was injured on the job and his worker’s compensation had been delayed.  With no income he fell behind on his mortgage payments.  I have absolutely no doubt had I not stepped in to help him, he would have lost his home. Every once in a while you get a chance to make a difference and I find in this profession those chances outweigh by far any dislikes that accompany it.

How do I start my mornings?  I keep 3 joke books in one of my kitchen drawers.  Every morning, I write a joke on my kids’ snack bags.  Sometimes I draw a picture too, but there is always a joke.  Something really small but makes me smile every single morning and hopefully makes my kids smile in the afternoon.

Why am I writing these articles for Hondros College? I’ve practiced in real estate for my entire legal career.  In that time, I’ve seen cases from both the public and private sector perspectives.  I’ve represented all kinds of professionals and have war stories, news and best business practices tips to share.  I’ve been told that my classes are interesting, engaging and insightful.  It is my hope that you will find my observations and commentary in written form, along with all of the other resources Hondros College offers, one of many helpful tools in your practice.

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