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How to Inspect a Smart Home


According to a recent study, over 55 percent of the residences in America will be smart homes by 2021. For professionals in the home inspection industry, working with smart homes has been a bit challenging. These homes are far more advanced than traditional residences, which usually means you will spend a lot longer inspecting them…. Read more

How to Establish Your Business Entity


A little-known provision in license law permits licensees to receive their commissions in the name of their business entity rather than personally. Many licensees see tax and other benefits from establishing an entity for their real estate practice. For those licensees that provide other services (inspection, home staging, construction, consulting, etc.), setting up a business… Read more

Top Apps For Insurance Agents


Did you realize that there are over 500,000 insurance agents in the United States? If you make a living as an insurance agent, you will have to work on setting yourself apart from the competition. Utilizing the power of technology is a great way to increase your productivity and the level of customer service you… Read more

Appraisers Need a Website Too


If you have your own appraisal business or plan to start one once you’re licensed, you need to reach prospective clients. You need to meet them where they’re searching for your service. In today’s digital age, that place is the internet. As part of an all-around internet marketing campaign that includes social media and advertising,… Read more

5 Tips for Complying with Ohio’s Unclaimed Funds Law


Many real estate brokerages do not realize they are subject to Ohio’s Unclaimed Funds Law. The law sets for the process of identifying and reporting funds a real estate brokerage is holding that belong to others. One obvious fund that brokerages hold is the escrow deposit on a purchase contract, but there are others. Commissions,… Read more

Your Real Estate Website: Template vs. Custom Design


Real estate classes prepare you to manage real estate contracts and transactions, but they don’t spend a lot of time on real estate marketing. Once you’ve passed the exam and activated your real estate license, numerous real estate companies will want you to sign on with them. Some will offer you marketing services and a… Read more

Finding the Discipline to Be Your Own Boss


Being your own boss isn’t for everyone. It takes drive, determination, tenacity, and sometimes sheer will to make it work. There are many obstacles to making a successful real estate career, and some of them are beyond your control. Although discipline and knowing when to put your nose to the grindstone are not among them…. Read more

Unlicensed Staff in Residential Property Management


Managers of multi-unit residential rental properties invariably will need to utilize unlicensed staff in performing services for their landlord clients. Brokers routinely inquire about what their unlicensed staff can and cannot do in the course of property management. This article clarifies those activities that unlicensed staff can perform and those activities only a licensed professional… Read more

How to Prepare Your Client for Moving Day


As an agent, you might at times, help clients anticipate and prepare for moving day. You’ll notice worries abound on both sides of the transaction. Sellers must move their things and prepare the house for its next chapter of ownership. Buyers may have anxiety about square footage, appliances or other features they will lose or… Read more

Working From Home: The Legal Requirements


You’re getting the education you need to start your career, and you’d like to be able to work from home. Before you start, make sure you know the legal requirements within your field for working from home. These legal requirements can include licensing, registration and taxes. Requirements can be imposed by your state, some by… Read more

An Honest Mistake; Lies and Litigation

Kristin Rosan Blog, Uncategorized

Unfortunately, many professionals are not given the luxury of making an honest mistake. The real estate profession is one such profession. Where a mistake is not a mistake, but a lie. Some clients inherently distrust real estate agents (car salesmen and lawyers as well). This distrust leads to an expectation of perfection. Any mistake will… Read more

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