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Opportunities Found in the Appraisal Industry


It’s a good time to become a real estate appraiser! For a variety of reasons, trained and certified appraisers are in higher demand than ever before. According to the Appraisal Institute, the number of licensed professional appraisers in the U.S. has declined each year for at least the past five years. Many professionals currently in… Read more

5 Must Know Tips for a Residential Property Disclosure Form


The Residential Property Disclosure Form (RPDF) is the source of many questions, ranging from who must complete it to how it should be completed. Here we’ll answer some of those questions and provide best practice tips for agents when dealing with the form. 1. Know what type of property requires the RPDF to be completed… Read more

James Dwyer Memorial Scholarship 2017 Winner: Soubhik Das


The James Dwyer Scholarship is awarded to individuals who share his passion for the pursuit of excellence in the real estate industry. Scholarships, as a whole, are earned by those who wish to invest in their careers and their future via education. This is what we believe at Hondros College of Business and we strive… Read more

Student Success Story: Meet Morgan McDonald, Real Estate Agent


At Hondros College of Business, we’ve had the pleasure of educating some of the top real estate agents in Ohio. We are proud of our students and seek meaningful relationships with them throughout their careers. We caught up with Hondros alum, Morgan McDonald, and asked about his path to success in the real estate industry…. Read more

How to Build Your Brand Identity and Improve Your Online Presence


As a real estate agent, what you really are is an entrepreneur. True, you work for a broker, but in reality, you’re building your own business from the ground up. This means you need to generate your own customers and create your own brand. The good news is it’s never too early to start. Branding… Read more

How Insurance Agents Can Attract New Customers


Whether you’re new to the insurance field or a veteran agent with years of experience, the lifeblood of your business is the customer. You can never have too many. However, finding them isn’t as easy as it used to be. Today, there’s more competition, more transparency, and more specialties in the industry. To help your… Read more

How Agents Use Social Media in Real Estate Marketing


Location, Location, Location. It’s a mantra you hear often in the world of real estate, and it’s true that the location of a property means everything when it comes to marketing, pricing, and value. However, it also applies to social media marketing. The more locations you’re seen in, the faster your business grows. But can… Read more

Real Estate Advertising Rules Affected by Division-Issued Drafts


The Ohio Division of Real Estate has issued proposed changes to 35 rules, the adoption of 5 new rules, and the rescission of one rule. Some of the rules are directed at implementation of H.B. 532, which became law in April of this year. The rest are part of a 5-year rule review process each… Read more

How MLOs and Real Estate Agents Make a Great Team


Purchasing a home can be a tedious, complicated process for home buyers. Not to mention, it’s a pretty big deal! Amidst the life-changing decisions, having support from trustworthy professionals (cough, cough: a quality mortgage loan officer and real estate agent team) will help to make the process as seamless as possible for the buyers. You… Read more

How to Create a Podcast for Your Business


Podcasts are one of the many ways businesses and personalities connect with their followers. But before diving into what it takes to start podcasting, let’s look at why you should. Why Start One? According to Edison Research, podcast listeners spend, on average, 4 hours listening to audio each week. This is likely because podcasts are auditory and mobile… Read more

What Happens When Tenants Escrow Rent


Attention all landlords and property managers! There are consequences for failing to keep a rental in good repair or otherwise abide by the terms of the lease. Under certain circumstances, a tenant may escrow rent with the county clerk of courts rather than pay the rent to the landlord. The tenant can withhold rent, if:… Read more

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