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Ohio Housing Finance Agency’s Homeownership Programs


An important part of a licensee’s duties is aiding clients with obtaining financing to purchase their home. Ohio’s Housing Financing Agency (or OHFA) offers homeownership products that help low to moderate income buyers purchase a home. The governmental agency helps first time homebuyers, renters, senior citizens and others to find affordable housing. This is done… Read more

Do You Have What it Takes to Be an Insurance Agent?


So, you want to be an insurance agent? Do you have what it takes? Are you up for the challenge? With the right training, it’s possible. You need to match the right financial products with the right customers, become a good negotiator and go-getter and know the industry like the back of your hand. Insurance… Read more

Appraiser Basics: What You Need to Know


A career as a real estate appraiser has a lot going for it. You have the option of choosing a flexible schedule as an independent appraiser or working regular hours in-house for an appraisal company. You work closely with the lender to ensure that the property is valued appropriately, providing insights that are critical for… Read more

Helping Your Client Navigate Real Estate Liens


In advance of closing, clients (whether buyers or sellers) will receive a report from the title company disclosing the liens against the property being sold. A basic understanding liens affecting real estate will aid agents in reading and understanding the title search report. Mortgage The mortgage is actually a lien on the property. It is… Read more

Mortgage Loan Originating: Do You Have What It Takes?


A mortgage loan originator is a role that’s not for the faint of heart. You have to balance the interests of the borrower with those of the lender, be up to date on federal and state regulations concerning mortgages, underwrite the loans and have impeccable people skills. The right person will thrive in this environment… Read more

Best Vehicles for a Home Inspector


The first decision to make in selecting a vehicle for a home inspection business is to consciously decide to treat the purchase like a business decision, not a personal one. Forget emotion; focus on needs, budgets, and available incentives as you select the ideal vehicle to build your business. Requirements A business vehicle has to… Read more

Five Best Practice Tips for an Escalation Clause


With a tight seller’s market, the use of escalation clauses is on the rise to give buyers an advantage over other competing buyers. Unfortunately, poorly worded escalation clauses can hurt your client and leave you at risk. Below are some tips to consider before recommending your client use an escalation clause. What is an escalation… Read more

The Growing Trend of Digital Signature Tools for Real Estate


For new real estate agents, there’s nothing more exciting than getting a real estate contract signed by a home buyer or a home seller. Signatures make it official, and after appraisals and inspections and an escrow period, you’ll have a commission check. Yes! What about digital signatures? Experienced real estate agents know something that new… Read more

The Power of Direct Response Marketing


The world today is full of offers that consumers must wade through to find anything helpful. As a result, many consumers are just overwhelmed and stop paying attention. Direct response marketing is a different approach that can help real estate agents cut through the fog. What Is Direct Response Marketing? You might be thinking that… Read more

Bed Bugs – Prevention, Discovery, and Eradication


There are a lot of myths about bed bugs, and understanding how to prevent them, find them and get rid of them can be critical in avoiding a comprehensive investigation with significant costs to resolve. First to some of the myths courtesy of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Bed bug Myths: Bed bugs are only… Read more

Qualities to Look for in an Agent for Your Real Estate Team


Real estate teams are a common occurrence in the industry. For experienced brokers, building a team of qualified local real estate agents is an efficient way to be in more places at once, combine skill sets, build notoriety, and make more sales. For new agents, it’s an incredibly helpful way to gain experience and credibility… Read more

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