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New Appraisal Requirements


Effective May 1st of 2018, The Appraiser Qualifications Board of The Appraisal Foundation has established new minimum qualifications for real property appraisers in the United States. Qualifying education hours are required to become a real property appraiser. As well as, college-level education and experience hours, as applicable. Candidates must also successfully pass the National Uniform… Read more

20 Tools Every Home Inspector Needs


When learning to become a home inspector, it’s helpful to have tools on hand to get a clearer scope of a home’s condition. Beyond the typical screwdriver and tape measure, here is a list of tools that you’ll want to have on hand to ensure a safe and successful home inspection. The Basics Flashlight –… Read more

Home Inspector Licensing Could Be a Requirement Soon


The Ohio Legislature is one step closer to licensing home inspectors. Last week the House Economic Development, Commerce and Labor Committee approved a substitute version of H.B. 211, Ohio’s Home Inspector Law. The proposed legislation would require those wishing to perform home inspection services to obtain a license from the Ohio Department of Commerce, Division… Read more

Student Spotlight: John Lestina

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We’ve been following this rising star since he told us he was taking his classes online while deployed in Puerto Rico. Keeping in contact with him throughout his journey, it was clear to us that John Lestina had a fascinating story to tell. We caught up with John while he was back in Ohio to… Read more

How to Create a Home Office You Can Actually Work In


One of the great things about working in the real estate industry is being able to work when and where you want. While you may have to put in hours in the actual office – which is the best place to hold meetings and present offers – working out of a home office can help… Read more

Top Benefits of Growing Your Team


According to a study conducted by Office Vibe, more than 60 percent of the business owners they talked to claimed to be concerned with the cost of unfilled positions within their company. This same study found that employee turnover rate can be reduced by nearly 28 percent by investing in employer branding. Having the right… Read more

Auctioning Real Estate


Auctioning of real estate has become an increasingly popular way to sell real estate. Distressed properties are auctioned as a matter of course, but the market is starting to see more traditional real estate auctions. The pros are that a higher sale price and a quicker sale. Cons are a no sale and resulting stigma…. Read more

4 Reasons Why You Are Having Trouble Generating Quality Leads


A study conducted by the team at B2B Technology Marketing Community found that 61 percent of businesses polled claimed generating quality sales leads was their biggest challenge. The best way to generate consistent sales leads is by having an appealing and fully optimized website. When done the right way, a website can provide a business with… Read more

Court Reverses Ohio Real Estate Commission


In a recent decision, a Franklin County Court of Common Pleas Judge reversed the Ohio Real Estate Commission decision to revoke the real estate salesperson license of Tony V. Sekulovski.  The Court found the Commission’s decision violated Mr. Sekulovski’s due process rights and the Commission’s interpretation of license law statutes was contrary to law. The… Read more

How to Predict Real Estate Trends


Ah, the mystical realm that is real estate trend prediction. It’s full of fortune tellers and doomsayers and rarely do the so-called experts agree. However, getting a handle on current trends is not as hard as all that. While it’s true that no one can accurately predict the future of anything (sorry Miss Cleo), there… Read more

Alumni Success Story: Denise Gifford

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For 50 years, Hondros has educated some of the top real estate agents in Ohio. We are proud of our alumni and seek active relationships with them well after they pass their exams. We sat down with Hondros Alum, Denise Gifford, and asked about her journey to success in the real estate industry. Why did… Read more

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