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How an MLO Can Find Success in Their First Year


So you’ve passed the NMLS, received your certification and joined a brokerage. It’s official — you’re a mortgage loan officer! Your first year as an MLO will be a challenging one, but it’s nothing you can’t handle. You’ll close real loans, deal with the public and learn about new mortgage processes. It will be the… Read more

How Can a Home Inspector Use Drones?


Like a private detective in a true crime novel, a home inspector searches for clues. Mildew, damp, creaky roofs — a good inspector has a knack for finding all the hidden evidence that could impact the price of a property – smart houses included. Now, these professionals are using aerial vehicles in their inspections. Drone technology… Read more

Does Your Referral Fee Violate RESPA?


Ohio law permits real estate licensees to pay referral fees to real estate licensees licensed in another state or country. Conversely, licensees are prohibited from paying referral fees to unlicensed entities. When paying a referral fee, care should be taken to confirm that: The referral is reduced to a written agreement The recipient of the… Read more

Why Visuals Are So Important for Your Website


The quest for the perfect website doesn’t begin and end with selecting the right template or web designer. In today’s competitive digital environment, visual assets will set you apart from other industry professionals and help you capture more leads. Web design trends for 2018 and beyond emphasize visual experiences for visitors, and these experiences require… Read more

Columbus Ranked #4 Hottest Real Estate Market in the Nation


This past April, Realtor.com® put Columbus at number 4 on their list of hottest markets. That’s right behind San Francisco, California! These rankings are based on the number of hits each home listing received and how quickly the homes were selling in cities around the U.S. From March to April, Columbus jumped up 5 spots—from… Read more

Statute of Limitations for Fraud Claim Against a Real Estate Agent


Ohio’s Eighth District Court of Appeals issued a ruling last week that established when the statute of limitations begins to run for a fraud claim against a real estate agent. A statute of limitations is the time frame in which a claim must be filed against another, or be forever lost. In the case of… Read more

5 Actionable Tips to Become a Sales Leader


As a sales manager, your job description is pretty simple in definition — make your sales team successful. While this may sound easy, this is also considered the biggest challenge a company faces. If you want to ensure you are not just a good sales leader, but a great one, you need to learn what… Read more

Commercial vs. Residential Real Estate: Which is Right for You?


The real estate industry is an attractive career niche for entrepreneurs. Both residential and commercial real estate offer lucrative income opportunities, low start-up costs, and long-term growth potential. If you’re considering a career in real estate, explore all your options before you dive into classes. Commercial vs. Residential Real Estate While both commercial and residential… Read more

Pre-Sale Home Inspections and Fees Declared Unconstitutional


Earlier this year, the Federal District Court for the Southern District of Ohio issued a long-awaited ruling on the constitutionality of the City of Oakwood’s pre-sale or point of sale inspection ordinance. The Court ruled these laws requiring mandatory inspections violate owner’s fourth amendment rights because the laws subject owners to a warrantless search without… Read more

What Is a Brand and Why Do I Need One?


You’ve probably heard people talking about how important it is for every business to create a brand – regardless of whether it’s a Fortune 500 company or a one-person business. But, if you’re like many entrepreneurs, you may not know the true purpose of a brand and the benefits it can have on your business…. Read more

What Goes Into a Good Real Estate Agent’s Website


In today’s information and digital age, real estate agents need to keep up with the times. In days past you could get by with some yard signs and some pretty business cards. Now, however, having your own web presence is vital to your business. Before You Get Started Before you spend time and money on… Read more

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