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Property Managers: Adequate Notice Ruling from Supreme Court


Managing property is not limited to finding tenants and collecting rent. One critical component of any property manger’s duties is to safeguard their client’s property. Thus, daily tasks like keeping up the landscaping and making repairs are necessary to keep the property in habitable condition and protect the landlord’s investment. Another responsibility is making sure… Read more

How to Use Smart Home Technology to Improve Home Business Workflow


“Home business” means something different from entrepreneur to entrepreneur. In some cases, it means an office in the home where clients are dealt with remotely. In many other instances, it means an actual office where clients come to you. How often is your workday interrupted by the need to handle home-related tasks? You can use… Read more

How to Sell a Smart Home in Just a Few Days


Did you know the global smart home market will likely reach more than 40 billion dollars by 2020? Or that the United States has the world’s highest smart home penetration rate, followed by Japan and Germany? These statistics prove that more Americans are searching for the hottest smart homes. But how do you sell one… Read more

Manufactured Homes Program Moves to OH Dept of Commerce


An important tip for professionals representing buyers of manufactured homes or the land upon which they sit. Starting this year, the regulation of the sale of manufactured homes has moved from the Manufactured Homes Commission (which was disbanded) to two Ohio Department of Commerce Divisions, the Division of Real Estate and the Division of Industrial… Read more

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Staying Sane


The life of an entrepreneur is filled with things they think they must do to make their business a success. While they may reach that goal, it could come at a high personal price. In fact, 32 percent of entrepreneurs experience two or more mental health conditions. Starting a business isn’t easy, but it helps… Read more

How Will Drones Improve My Real Estate Business?


Quick, put your camera down — drones are a better option for taking photos of your properties. These aerial vehicles will optimize listings and increase interest in the latest homes on the market. Better yet, they are a lot easier to use than you think. Here are three ways drones will improve your real estate… Read more

Should Oil and Gas Professionals Be Licensed Real Estate Brokers?


On May 8, 2018, the Ohio Supreme Court heard oral arguments on whether professionals that deal in oil and gas leases are required to have a real estate broker’s license. At issue is whether the leases constitute an “interest in real estate” thereby requiring the professionals that negotiate them with landowners and petroleum companies to… Read more

3 Steps to Becoming an Insurance Agent


There are more than 1.1 million insurance agents, brokers, and employees in the United States. All of them started their somewhere — a college classroom or lecture hall, perhaps. Some received their training on the job; others studied online. Regardless, all of them would have completed the licensure requirements for the job. Here’s how to… Read more

How to Find Success in Your First Year as an Appraiser


As a real estate appraiser, you have the most important role in the property-buying process. Without you, sellers can’t sell their homes and buyers can’t buy them. Now that you’ve completed your training and are gainfully employed. So far, so good. Here are some tips to make sure you flourish in your first year as… Read more

Hondros College Announces Acquisition of Ohio Real Estate School


COLUMBUS, OH (June 25, 2018) – Hondros College, a division of Hondros Education Group (HEG), announced today that it has acquired the Ohio Institute of Real Estate Studies (OIRES) in a partnership that will further unify real estate education in Ohio. Based in the Medina, OIRES will pool its talents with Hondros College to represent the largest real… Read more

Real Estate’s 12 Most Common Enforcement Issues


This week the Division of Real Estate issued its first newsletter since the Winter of 2016. Of note is a list of the 12 most common enforcement issues before the Division and recommendations on avoiding them. The list will aid brokers and salespersons in identifying areas of exposure in their practice and provide an opportunity… Read more

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