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An Honest Mistake; Lies and Litigation

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Unfortunately, many professionals are not given the luxury of making an honest mistake. The real estate profession is one such profession. Where a mistake is not a mistake, but a lie. Some clients inherently distrust real estate agents (car salesmen and lawyers as well). This distrust leads to an expectation of perfection. Any mistake will… Read more

Top 5 Year End Considerations for Real Estate Professionals

Kristin Rosan Blog

Year’s end brings more than festivities and celebrations with new and old friends.  It also brings opportunities to defer taxes on income received this year.  Although many such opportunities require advance planning, there are a few items you may still want to consider before ringing in the new year. Pay your property taxes. You can… Read more

New Term: Clear Boarding

Kristin Rosan Blog

On Wednesday, Governor Kasich signed legislation that makes Ohio the first state to prohibit the use of plywood to board up vacant properties that are in the process of being foreclosed.  Instead owners will likely use a clear polycarbonate product to board up vacant properties in a process that has been dubbed “Clear Boarding.” Proponents… Read more

A Holiday Reflection from Kristin Rosan

Kristin Rosan Blog

This weekend I had the opportunity to engage once again in a new tradition with my daughter (she’s 7).  It was our 2nd annual cookie baking day!  We pulled out of the cupboard all of the ingredients and placed them on the island.  We had flour, baking powder, sugar, oil, powdered sugar, unsweetened chocolate, eggs… Read more

Is Density a Dirty Word?

Kristin Rosan Blog

In addition to being a lawyer by day, by night I’m a member of a municipal planning commission.  Like many municipalities, mine is grappling with the tension between urban high density projects versus suburban sprawl.  Those opposing high density redevelopment fear higher crime, lower property values, limited parking and general overcrowding.  Yet, in recent years… Read more

Interesting Take on New Landlord/Tenant Regulations

Kristin Rosan Blog

I read an article this week that Seattle, Washington has passed an ordinance that impacts how landlords choose their tenants. We all know that landlords are prohibited under most state laws and federal fair housing laws from discriminating based on a tenant’s membership in a protected class. The City of Seattle has decided to take… Read more

Medical Marijuana to Bring Changes to Ohio Department of Commerce

Kristin Rosan Blog

As you may know, in June Governor Kasich signed legislation which will make Ohio one of 25 states to permit the use of medical marijuana. Ohio Department of Commerce and State Board of Pharmacy are charged with administering the Medical Marijuana Control Program. Commerce launched a website aimed at giving Ohio’s updated information concerning the… Read more

Controversy Over Team Names May Be Coming to Ohio

Kristin Rosan Blog

Controversy Over Team Names May Be Coming to Ohio I read an article this week that South Carolina has banned the use of the words “real estate” and “realty” in real estate team names. The supporters of the legislation argue that the change is necessary to prevent consumers from being misled that the team is… Read more

Must You Disclose the Existence of an Obnoxious Neighbor?

Kristin Rosan Blog

Must You Disclose the Existence of an Obnoxious Neighbor? This week in Florida, a fight ensued between two neighbors over a sprinkler system and parking spaces. The fight was the conclusion of an ongoing longstanding feud between two neighbors and concluded with the death of both men. This last Saturday night one neighbor called over… Read more

Ohio’s Foreclosure Process Is Changing, Part III

Kristin Rosan Blog

Ohio’s Foreclosure Process Is Changing, Part III This is the third and last in a series of articles reviewing provisions of HB 390, which will modernize Ohio’s foreclosure process.  In the last two articles we generally reviewed Ohio’s current foreclosure process, the new expedited foreclosure process for vacant and abandoned properties and changes to Ohio’s… Read more

Best Practices for Record Retention

Kristin Rosan Blog, Uncategorized

I have never had a case where I wished an agent hadn’t kept documents.  The fact is keeping transactional documents are essential in either prosecuting or defending a civil, board or regulatory claim.  As you know, Ohio license law requires licensees to retain transactional documents, but does not go into great detail as to exactly… Read more

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