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Signs It’s Time to Hire New Employees

Owning a small business can be very enjoyable. Making this type of business successful will require a lot of hard work and the right team. When your business is still in the startup phase, you will probably be able to handle a lot of the work on your own. However, as your company starts to… Read more

How Insurance Agents Use Technology to Better Serve Clients

Thanks to today’s digital age, so many aspects of life and business are more convenient than ever. One industry that has particularly benefited from the advancements in technology is insurance. Developments in both hardware and software have made the insurance business better for both clients and salesmen. Harnessing the power of technology makes it easier… Read more

Managing Vacation Rental Homes

With the rise of vacation rental home websites, like Airbnb and others, many have sought to expand their practice to include the management of vacation rentals.  There is a difference between a vacation property management and traditional property management.  One difference is that a vacation rental is for a short-term (usually a week) while a… Read more

How Starting a Podcast Will Benefit Your Business

In an earlier post, we discussed the potential a podcast could have as far as audience reach and brand visibility. But let’s really get into the specific benefits your business will reap should you decide to start podcasting. Building awareness There are only so many ways people can learn about your company. If you practice… Read more

How a Mortgage Loan Officer Goes the Extra Mile for Their Clients

Applying for and getting a loan can be a tough and challenging process for a potential homeowner. However, a mortgage loan officer can make that process easier and more enjoyable for everyone involved. By taking some steps to offer outstanding service, mortgage loan officers can ensure that potential clients want to do business, current clients… Read more

Dying with Real Estate

Much of estate planning is tailored to those items that can pass outside of probate and those that cannot.  An example of something that can transfer outside of probate is real estate. Others include insurance proceeds, investments, and bank accounts.  Upon the death of the decedent, these items will transfer to previously named beneficiaries, notwithstanding… Read more

How to Prepare Clients for a Home Inspection

Whether buying or selling, your clients will eventually need a home inspection. They are an industry-standard method for recording the strengths and weaknesses of a property. An inspection protects both parties with a comprehensive review of the home’s condition. The inspection team, usually hired by the buyer, will assess a home in a session of… Read more

Property Management: The Worst Mistakes You Can Make

Over the last year, the Ohio Real Estate Commission has seen a pattern of certain types of cases that result in the discipline of a real estate licensee’s license.  A review of these property management cases and associated conduct can aid licensees in being sure they are steering clear of those activities that are seeing… Read more

How a Home Inspector Uses Technology to Break Bad News

Typically, home sellers say they want a simple, straightforward home inspector’s report. But, if that simple home inspection report has bad news, they will have more questions and expect solid documentation. The mark of a professional home inspector, as opposed to someone who leaves a trail of unhappy clients behind, is science-based technology. This keeps… Read more

How an Appraiser Can Wow Their Clients

There are many types of real estate appraisers today. Some are certified to appraise residential real estate, while others appraise property for federally related transactions. If you’re interested in becoming an appraiser, you may aim to be one that serves high-end, luxury clients and appraises upscale properties. If you’re looking to become a top-shelf appraiser,… Read more

Can a Trespasser Become a Property Owner Through Occupancy?

An adverse possession action will result in a legal owner of real property having to forfeit their ownership interest to another, without compensation.  An example would be an incorrect fence placement that results in the user of property owned by another ultimately becoming the rightful owner of the property by adverse possession. In order for… Read more

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