How to Find Success in Your First Year as an Insurance Agent

You’ve landed your first insurance job, and you’re not quite sure what to expect. Sure, you know it’s a rewarding field with opportunity for growth and other benefits, but let’s be realistic: It’s going to take hard work and commitment to reap those benefits! Have no fear – here are three insights that will surely… Read more

Protecting Your Commission From Procuring Cause Claims

Imagine this scenario: You’ve done a superb job as a buyer’s agent. You’ve shown your client the property through photographs and in person, you’ve negotiated the purchase agreement and guided your client to a successful closing… only to find out another agent claims a right to your commission under the theory of procuring cause. Procuring cause… Read more

What Your Clients Really Want in a Home Inspection

Selling, buying or building a home can be an emotional experience. It’s important to be a trustworthy, knowledgeable resource during the process of working with real estate agents or home buyers and sellers. A good rule of thumb is to inspect each and every home as if you or your family would be living there…. Read more

Hondros Education Group Announces Acquisition Of Additional Phoenix Real Estate School

PHOENIX, Oct. 10, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Arizona School of Real Estate & Business (ASREB), a division of the Hondros Education Group (HEG), announced today it is teaming up with Westford College in a partnership that will further unify real estate education in Arizona. This is the second such purchase for HEG in 2017. Based in the Phoenix area, Westford will pool its talents with ASREB and another… Read more

Licensees Offer More than Just Selling Real Estate – Deductions for Destroyed Property

Potential consumers oftentimes seek consultation on issues that don’t involve buying or selling a home. Examples are questions on everything from HOA dues, homeowners insurance, and property taxes. Expanding your knowledge on general real estate topics will help you better serve your clients and may open the door to new customers. Today, I wanted to… Read more

Tips for High Quality Real Estate Photography

When looking at real estate listings, can you guess where a prospective home buyer’s eyes go first? The photos. Real estate photography is at the forefront of the decision-making process for home buyers. As a real estate agent, high-quality photography is your first chance to pull a potential buyer in. Beautiful imagery will compel that… Read more

Can the Real Estate Commission Discipline You for Your Personal Facebook Page?

  The Ohio Real Estate Commission will soon be considering a case concerning a licensee’s Facebook page. The Division of Real Estate is seeking to discipline an Ohio licensee for comments she made on her personal (but public) Facebook page. The basis of the charges is: The licensee’s comments did not reflect high standards of… Read more

5 Lead-Boosting Tips for Mortgage Loan Officers

For mortgage loan officers (MLOs), lead generation and customer value are significant parts of the business. MLOs that have an entrepreneurial spirit must know how to market themselves. And there’s never a wrong time to reassess your marketing strategy. If you’re ready to ramp it up or change your tactics, here are five ways mortgage loan officers… Read more

Online Post-Licensing Courses Now Available

Both brokers and salespeople now have the choice to take their post-licensing education online or in the classroom – you choose! The ability of licensees to take online post-licensure education helps busy professionals get the education needed for a successful practice. I mean who wouldn’t prefer to take their classes early in the morning in… Read more

How Medical Marijuana Will Change Your Practice

Medical marijuana has been decriminalized in some states. However, under federal law, landlords are permitted to decline rent to a user of medical marijuana. So where does Ohio stand? Here we’ll go over the Cole Memo, Ohio’s law in response, and how this law change may affect the Ohio real estate industry. Understanding medical marijuana… Read more

Alumni Association Event Recap

The Alumni Association at Hondros College of Business hosted a 2-day CE event August 29th-30th. Alumni members had free admittance. Attendees nibbled appetizers and sipped refreshments while earning CE credit. Here’s what we covered and what you need to know! Hot Topics for 2017: Medical Marijuana and How it Affects Real Estate Goal: To learn… Read more

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