The Growing Trend of Digital Signature Tools for Real Estate

For new real estate agents, there’s nothing more exciting than getting a real estate contract signed by a home buyer or a home seller. Signatures make it official, and after appraisals and inspections and an escrow period, you’ll have a commission check. Yes! What about digital signatures? Experienced real estate agents know something that new… Read more

The Power of Direct Response Marketing

The world today is full of offers that consumers must wade through to find anything helpful. As a result, many consumers are just overwhelmed and stop paying attention. Direct response marketing is a different approach that can help real estate agents cut through the fog. What Is Direct Response Marketing? You might be thinking that… Read more

Bed Bugs – Prevention, Discovery, and Eradication

There are a lot of myths about bed bugs, and understanding how to prevent them, find them and get rid of them can be critical in avoiding a comprehensive investigation with significant costs to resolve. First to some of the myths courtesy of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Bed bug Myths: Bed bugs are only… Read more

Qualities to Look for in an Agent for Your Real Estate Team

Real estate teams are a common occurrence in the industry. For experienced brokers, building a team of qualified local real estate agents is an efficient way to be in more places at once, combine skill sets, build notoriety, and make more sales. For new agents, it’s an incredibly helpful way to gain experience and credibility… Read more

Use Your Competition’s Social Media Success to Attract New Followers

Social media is an ideal platform if you want to build relationships with current and future customers. But there’s more to managing a successful online life than numbers. If your competitor’s social media presence, their number of followers, and their level of engagement makes you wince with jealousy, there are a few things you should… Read more

Federal Fair Housing Act Turns 50

President Lyndon Johnson signed the federal Fair Housing Act in to law on April 11, 1968. The Act prohibits discrimination based on specified protected classes in the sale, rental, financing of residential housing. This significance of this historic legislation is captured in President Johnson’s remarks following his signature of the Act into law: I do… Read more

Mortgage Loan Officer Basics: What You Need to Know

A mortgage loan officer is a person who looks at loan applications and makes a recommendation to approve or deny them. You are the person sitting between the borrower and the company offering a mortgage loan. Another job title that represents the same role is mortgage loan originator. This career allows you to encounter new… Read more

How to Inspect a Smart Home

According to a recent study, over 55 percent of the residences in America will be smart homes by 2021. For professionals in the home inspection industry, working with smart homes has been a bit challenging. These homes are far more advanced than traditional residences, which usually means you will spend a lot longer inspecting them…. Read more

How to Establish Your Business Entity

A little-known provision in license law permits licensees to receive their commissions in the name of their business entity rather than personally. Many licensees see tax and other benefits from establishing an entity for their real estate practice. For those licensees that provide other services (inspection, home staging, construction, consulting, etc.), setting up a business… Read more

Top Apps For Insurance Agents

Did you realize that there are over 500,000 insurance agents in the United States? If you make a living as an insurance agent, you will have to work on setting yourself apart from the competition. Utilizing the power of technology is a great way to increase your productivity and the level of customer service you… Read more

Appraisers Need a Website Too

If you have your own appraisal business or plan to start one once you’re licensed, you need to reach prospective clients. You need to meet them where they’re searching for your service. In today’s digital age, that place is the internet. As part of an all-around internet marketing campaign that includes social media and advertising,… Read more

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