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Online Post-Licensing Courses Now Available

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Both brokers and salespeople now have the choice to take their post-licensing education online or in the classroom – you choose! The ability of licensees to take online post-licensure education helps busy professionals get the education needed for a successful practice. I mean who wouldn’t prefer to take their classes early in the morning in… Read more

The Top 5 Keys to Real Estate Agent Success

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So, you have made the decision to pursue a career in real estate. Good for you! You most likely understand the education needed to stand for the state exam, but what about the personal characteristics you need to be a successful agent? How does your personality match up with the industry’s most successful agents? Several… Read more

Getting The Most Out Of Online Real Estate CE

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If you are like most real estate licensees in Ohio, you have 21 hours of electives to choose from towards fulfilling the 30 hour CE requirement every three years. And again, like most licensees, you may elect to take one or all of the courses in an online environment. There are a wide range of… Read more

Mobile Productivity for the Professional

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Have you ever wished you were near a computer to address a client concern, when all you had was your smartphone? Asked to do an impromptu presentation, but all your Power Points and notes were on the desk in your office, not in your hands? Or asked to forward information to a colleague, only to… Read more

Higher Education’s “Dirty Little Secret” – You don’t need to spend $35k on a 2 year degree for a high paying career

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Local college bucks the trend of high college tuition, creating career focused programs that can be completed in six weeks or less, for less than the cost of one college class. With 2 year private college degrees approaching $35,000 in tuition and fees, prospective students are beginning to question whether it is financially a smart… Read more

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