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Home Inspection: A Solid Career Choice

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Have you been considering becoming a home inspector? Now is a great time to join the industry! The fact is that the majority of homes on the market today have a home inspection as part of the buying process. The 2013 Ohio Association of REALTORS President, Thomas J. Williams, shared in the August housing report… Read more

New Mobile Real Estate CE Courses

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As a real estate agent are you always on the go with little down time? We understand that in your free time the last thing you want to do is complete your CE! That is why we have worked hard to bring you an even more convenient way to complete your required CE. Now you… Read more

Online Marketing tip of the week

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Online marketing is a key tool to help you grow your business, so it is imperative that you are using it correctly! Hondros College is here to help small business owners, entrepreneurs and the everyday person gain knowledge on the key marketing tools available to grow their business. Today’s online marketing tip of the week… Read more

Online Marketing Tip of the Week

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Hondros College has just added a selection of online marketing courses perfect for business owners, real estate agents, insurance agents and anyone looking to learn more about online marketing! The self-paced online courses cover many of the top topics in the marketing industry and give you practical uses for them in business. Our first tip… Read more

Is Mortgage Interest Tax Break Getting Axed?

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Major Changes Made to the SAFE MLO Test   On April 1, 2013 NMLS launched the Uniform State Test or UST. This is the first major change to SAFE MLO Test requirements since the SAFE MLO tests were launched in July, 2009.The UST will become a new domain or section in the National Test Component…. Read more

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