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Start your Real Estate Career

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Now is a great time to start your real estate career. Why? Well, there are a lot of reasons. Here are a few: The average age of Real Estate Agents… Read more

6 factors that impact the value of a home


The website HouseLogic recently came up with a list of items that impact the value of a home. We all know that highly rated schools are a bonus for nearby housing,… Read more

Do You Like To Talk To Strangers?


Your mother may have told you not to, but when you become a real estate agent you will have to talk to a lot of strangers. Do you like to,… Read more

What Is Your Unique Value Proposition?


There are around two million real estate agents in the U.S.. Even in your local market, there are hundreds, maybe thousands of real estate agents consumers can choose from. How do you… Read more

Just Starting As A Real Estate Agent? 6 Things You Need to Know


In this article, Candy Miles Crocker points out that it is touch starting out as a Real Estate Agent, and that there are 6 things new agents should know. The… Read more

Millennials Don’t Know About Closing Costs


It seems millennials do not know about or understand closing costs, and the responsibility to tell them about closing costs is falling to Real Estate Agents. Two-thirds of potential home… Read more

Ohio Home Sales Off To A Good Start In 2015


The number of homes sold across Ohio in January rose 4.2 percent from the level posted during the month a year ago, the market’s fifth consecutive monthly year-over-year gain, according… Read more

‘Empowered’ Appliances Link Home, Internet


Want to be able to start and stop you washing machine and dryer while having dinner out? How about managing your home thermostat and security system? All is possible with… Read more

Handwritten Notes Get Attention, What A Concept


Amanda Ross talks about an old-fashioned, yet attention getting concept in this article, sending Handwritten notes to your database of business contacts at least twice a year. Think about it,… Read more

Simple Gestures to Keep Clients


Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS)! How many times have we all heard this advice throughout our lives and careers. This article by Andrew Flachner points out 5 Simple Gestures you… Read more

5 resolutions that will supercharge seller communication


How often do you communicate with a client after listing their home for sale? Do you communicate at all, or wait for them to call you to ask what is… Read more

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