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Do You Have What it Takes to Be an Insurance Agent?


So, you want to be an insurance agent? Do you have what it takes? Are you up for the challenge? With the right training, it’s possible. You need to match the right financial products with the right customers, become a good negotiator and go-getter and know the industry like the back of your hand. Insurance… Read more

Mortgage Loan Originating: Do You Have What It Takes?


A mortgage loan originator is a role that’s not for the faint of heart. You have to balance the interests of the borrower with those of the lender, be up to date on federal and state regulations concerning mortgages, underwrite the loans and have impeccable people skills. The right person will thrive in this environment… Read more

The Growing Trend of Digital Signature Tools for Real Estate


For new real estate agents, there’s nothing more exciting than getting a real estate contract signed by a home buyer or a home seller. Signatures make it official, and after appraisals and inspections and an escrow period, you’ll have a commission check. Yes! What about digital signatures? Experienced real estate agents know something that new… Read more

The Power of Direct Response Marketing


The world today is full of offers that consumers must wade through to find anything helpful. As a result, many consumers are just overwhelmed and stop paying attention. Direct response marketing is a different approach that can help real estate agents cut through the fog. What Is Direct Response Marketing? You might be thinking that… Read more

Mortgage Loan Officer Basics: What You Need to Know


A mortgage loan officer is a person who looks at loan applications and makes a recommendation to approve or deny them. You are the person sitting between the borrower and the company offering a mortgage loan. Another job title that represents the same role is mortgage loan originator. This career allows you to encounter new… Read more

How to Inspect a Smart Home


According to a recent study, over 55 percent of the residences in America will be smart homes by 2021. For professionals in the home inspection industry, working with smart homes has been a bit challenging. These homes are far more advanced than traditional residences, which usually means you will spend a lot longer inspecting them…. Read more

Top Apps For Insurance Agents


Did you realize that there are over 500,000 insurance agents in the United States? If you make a living as an insurance agent, you will have to work on setting yourself apart from the competition. Utilizing the power of technology is a great way to increase your productivity and the level of customer service you… Read more

Finding the Discipline to Be Your Own Boss


Being your own boss isn’t for everyone. It takes drive, determination, tenacity, and sometimes sheer will to make it work. There are many obstacles to making a successful real estate career, and some of them are beyond your control. Although discipline and knowing when to put your nose to the grindstone are not among them…. Read more

Working From Home: The Legal Requirements


You’re getting the education you need to start your career, and you’d like to be able to work from home. Before you start, make sure you know the legal requirements within your field for working from home. These legal requirements can include licensing, registration and taxes. Requirements can be imposed by your state, some by… Read more

Avoid These Common Home Office Mistakes!


The number of people working out of their home is increasing every day. Some people have a remote office in their home, while others conduct their business only from a home office. Creating a home office can be tricky. Avoiding common mistakes will allow you to make the most of the time you spend there…. Read more

Top Benefits of Growing Your Team


According to a study conducted by Office Vibe, more than 60 percent of the business owners they talked to claimed to be concerned with the cost of unfilled positions within their company. This same study found that employee turnover rate can be reduced by nearly 28 percent by investing in employer branding. Having the right… Read more

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