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When Do Your Clients Need Umbrella Insurance?

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Most of your clients will probably be unaware of umbrella insurance. In short, it’s an additional liability insurance that provides them with much more coverage than regular insurance. Think of it as an extra layer of financial security. Umbrella insurance comes with a wide range of benefits, but when should you offer this type of… Read more

What to Watch for When Appraising a Smart Home

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As an appraiser, your job includes many aspects. But what happens when you’re appraising a smart home? How valuable are smart homes when it comes to appraising? Is smart technology something you can make an adjustment for? Discover the process for appraising a smart home and what to watch for. What Constitutes a Smart Home?… Read more

How to Build Trust with Your Clients

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The key to building a loyal, long-lasting client base is trust. You don’t establish trust with customers overnight. It takes an extended time of consistent action that demonstrates you’re a trustworthy company acting in their best interest. Here are trust-building tips to improve your relationships. Offer Value with Each Interaction Does your client feel like… Read more

How Video Can Improve Your Real Estate Business

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Did you know that 55 percent of all people watch videos online each day? Additionally, after watching a video, 64 percent of viewers are more likely to make a purchase. You may wonder what these statistics have to do with the real estate industry. Just think about it – if there are that many people… Read more

How a Home Inspector Builds Trust with Their Clients

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While building trust is a multifaceted process, what it really comes down to is professionalism. This may sound easy, but it’s more complicated than you think. It’s more than dressing the part. There are several things that go into building your professionalism so you can build trust with your clients. So exactly what goes into… Read more

How Do I Develop a Training Program for My Staff?

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Over $500 billion is lost each year due to employee disengagement. Failing to properly train and engage your employees can lead to big problems in the future. As the world of technology grows, you will have to work on utilizing the latest tools to grow your company. If your employees are out of the loop… Read more

Insuring a Tiny House

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One popular trend in residential real estate today is the tiny house. According to tiny house expert The Tiny Life, a typical tiny house has between 100 and 400 square feet, while a traditional American home has an average of 2,600 square feet. Tiny homes offer people the ability to be sheltered and protected without… Read more

How to Grab Attention with Digital Property Listings

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Each day in the United States, 14,027 houses are sold. As a real estate agent, you likely want part of that “pie.” However, with so much competition in this industry, standing out and having your listing noticed above others is extremely challenging. The good news is there are strategies and tactics you can use to help… Read more

How Zillow is Entering the Mortgage Lending Business

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Zillow promises to be a one-stop shop for homebuyers if its announced acquisition of Mortgage Lenders of America goes through. The August 6, 2018 announcement heralds a new integration for real estate giant, Zillow. Already strong in buying, selling, and renting homes, apartments, and condominiums, the real estate clearinghouse has always advised prospective customers on… Read more

How to Resolve Insurance Coverage and Claim Disputes

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When an insurance customer has a claim, it could mean they’ve experienced something traumatic. Like a car accident or a house fire. This customer could be hurting either mentally, physically, or both. The last thing they want to hear is their insurance doesn’t cover what they thought it would. When this happens, you’ll likely get… Read more

Best Software for Mortgage Loan Officers

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Mortgage Loan Officers (MLOs) are constantly looking for ways to stand out in a competitive industry. They need to improve their marketing efforts, reduce the time and resources required to process mortgage loans, and improve their customers’ experience. There’s no doubt that technology is the key to achieving those goals. This brief overview gives you… Read more

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