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The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Staying Sane


The life of an entrepreneur is filled with things they think they must do to make their business a success. While they may reach that goal, it could come at a high personal price. In fact, 32 percent of entrepreneurs experience two or more mental health conditions. Starting a business isn’t easy, but it helps… Read more

How to Find Success in Your First Year as an Appraiser


As a real estate appraiser, you have the most important role in the property-buying process. Without you, sellers can’t sell their homes and buyers can’t buy them. Now that you’ve completed your training and are gainfully employed. So far, so good. Here are some tips to make sure you flourish in your first year as… Read more

Hondros College Announces Acquisition of Ohio Real Estate School


COLUMBUS, OH (June 25, 2018) – Hondros College, a division of Hondros Education Group (HEG), announced today that it has acquired the Ohio Institute of Real Estate Studies (OIRES) in a partnership that will further unify real estate education in Ohio. Based in the Medina, OIRES will pool its talents with Hondros College to represent the largest real… Read more

How Can a Home Inspector Use Drones?


Like a private detective in a true crime novel, a home inspector searches for clues. Mildew, damp, creaky roofs — a good inspector has a knack for finding all the hidden evidence that could impact the price of a property – smart houses included. Now, these professionals are using aerial vehicles in their inspections. Drone technology… Read more

Why Visuals Are So Important for Your Website


The quest for the perfect website doesn’t begin and end with selecting the right template or web designer. In today’s competitive digital environment, visual assets will set you apart from other industry professionals and help you capture more leads. Web design trends for 2018 and beyond emphasize visual experiences for visitors, and these experiences require… Read more

Commercial vs. Residential Real Estate: Which is Right for You?


The real estate industry is an attractive career niche for entrepreneurs. Both residential and commercial real estate offer lucrative income opportunities, low start-up costs, and long-term growth potential. If you’re considering a career in real estate, explore all your options before you dive into classes. Commercial vs. Residential Real Estate While both commercial and residential… Read more

What Is a Brand and Why Do I Need One?


You’ve probably heard people talking about how important it is for every business to create a brand – regardless of whether it’s a Fortune 500 company or a one-person business. But, if you’re like many entrepreneurs, you may not know the true purpose of a brand and the benefits it can have on your business…. Read more

Do You Have What it Takes to Be an Insurance Agent?


So, you want to be an insurance agent? Do you have what it takes? Are you up for the challenge? With the right training, it’s possible. You need to match the right financial products with the right customers, become a good negotiator and go-getter and know the industry like the back of your hand. Insurance… Read more

Mortgage Loan Originating: Do You Have What It Takes?


A mortgage loan originator is a role that’s not for the faint of heart. You have to balance the interests of the borrower with those of the lender, be up to date on federal and state regulations concerning mortgages, underwrite the loans and have impeccable people skills. The right person will thrive in this environment… Read more

The Growing Trend of Digital Signature Tools for Real Estate


For new real estate agents, there’s nothing more exciting than getting a real estate contract signed by a home buyer or a home seller. Signatures make it official, and after appraisals and inspections and an escrow period, you’ll have a commission check. Yes! What about digital signatures? Experienced real estate agents know something that new… Read more

The Power of Direct Response Marketing


The world today is full of offers that consumers must wade through to find anything helpful. As a result, many consumers are just overwhelmed and stop paying attention. Direct response marketing is a different approach that can help real estate agents cut through the fog. What Is Direct Response Marketing? You might be thinking that… Read more

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