To UBER Or Not To UBER? That Is The Question.


By: Vince DiBartolo, Director of Insurance programs at Hondros College of Business In today’s electronic age of buying products and services via the internet, most transactions require the consumer to accept an agreement of terms regarding how the product will be delivered or how the services will be performed. Many of us under either personal… Read more

Sniffing the trail for a Supervisory Appraiser


By: Tim Detty, CDEI, Hondros Lead Faculty and Editor for Appraisal Programs The other day while casually scanning some employment ads in a local newspaper, I noticed something that had never caught my eye before. Most, if not all, of the advertisements specified that interested job applicants were required to respond to the ad electronically,… Read more

Getting The Most Out Of Online Real Estate CE


By: ROD FARTHING, Director of Real Estate Programs at Hondros College of Business If you are like most real estate licensees in Ohio, you have 21 hours of electives to choose from towards fulfilling the 30 hour CE requirement every three years. And again, like most licensees, you may elect to take one or all… Read more

Missing Motivation: When You Are Too Busy for Your Brand

Everyone has a product that they are trying to sell using their personal brand; real estate services, insurance products, and business skills alike. Along with the product you are selling, you are also selling who you are and the things that you believe in – and who you are can get muddled in the day… Read more

Real Estate Safety- Best Practices

As real estate agents I believe we have one of the best jobs in the world; we get to help make the dream of home ownership a reality! As my real estate business has grown and I reach more and more people, it has led me to think about what safety tips I can do… Read more

The Federal Reserve just hiked rates-so now what?


Recent articles in Inman and the New York Times discussed the Federal Reserve’s interest rate action yesterday. The Federal Reserve raised rates at its December meeting by 0.25 percent. Here are a few things you need to know. Mortgage rates did rise after the hike yesterday. No-fee 30-fixed mortgages are just barely holding on to 4.25 percent, going… Read more

4 Ways to Connect with Clients and Make New Contacts This Holiday Season

The Holiday season is such a magical time of year. From connecting with friends and family at Holiday dinners to remembering the reason for the season, there is a lot to celebrate.  The Holidays also are a great opportunity for you to reconnect with past clients in a natural way and build your pipeline with… Read more

Attending the NAR Convention: 3 Conclusions from a First Time Attendee


The National Association of Realtors conference was held November 3rd -7th in Orlando, Florida. Hondros Education Group had a huge presence there this year and I had the exciting opportunity to attend. Here are three thoughts I wanted to share with my fellow real estate agents now that I’m back home. Education is the foundation… Read more

Free Tech Tools That will Help You in Your Real Estate Business


As real estate agents and small business owners, our to-do lists can seem a mile long. Generating leads, showing homes, listing homes, keeping in touch with clients, tracking expenses, marketing, networking; the lists goes on and on. That’s why I love anything I can do to help me stand out as a real estate agent… Read more

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